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Let’s be honest, ignorance is not always bliss.

That’s why our Focus Findings are important and highly useful tools for serious students of the family, offering concise, timely, well-researched, carefully reasoned analysis on issues that impact the family and our communities.

It is our hope that Focus Findings provides those of us who care about the health of families the support they need to understand and explain the often-overwhelming flood of news stories, research findings and popular culture trends we see reported on the evening news, in blogs and in newspapers.

Focus Findings have been helping family champions think smartly and act insightfully about family trends and research for many years now. This series of resports and whitepapers started out as something I sent out to Focus on the Family staff and close friends of the ministry to help us think through issues impacting marriages and families. It has proven so helpful that we felt it necessary to open them up to Christian thinkers who want to wisely discern the changes we are seeing in the family.

As editor of our Focus Findings my hope is to compile resources that communicate the leading sociological, psychological, biological and anthropological research on family. The goal is to present these truths within the scope of mere Christianity, rather than trying to color them with the broad-strokes of either Western conservative or liberal ideology.

The family is so much bigger than our ideologies – a fundamental part of God’s grand design for society - which is why we approach family with the desire to find serious answers to overarching questions such as:

  • What is the family and what does it do?
  • Why are marriage and family important for individuals and the community?
  • Does the family change from culture to culture and if so how?
  • Why are male and female, mothers and fathers, husband and wives meaningful?
  • Are there family norms that are more likely to contribute to or distract from human thriving? Why and what are they?
  • How are these seen in a truly meaningful Christian conception of humanity and the world?

I invite you to join us as we seek to become better, more serious and ever-growing students of the family. We hope you find something useful here.

And even if you find something here you disagree with, I hope that at least we provide you with insights that help us have a more intelligent conversation over those disagreements. After all, we are motivated by the deep conviction that family is so profound and important that it’s worth working for and discussing intelligently.

If, in the end, we can contribute to intelligent, meaningful conversation in some small way, we think that’s a good day’s work!

Glenn T. Stanton
Director, Family Formation Studies
Focus on the Family

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