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Focus’ Option Ultrasound Program Saves Lives in U.S. and Abroad

Seeing images of their preborn babies “helps women make informed decisions”

February 06, 2011 

Colorado Springs, Colo. –  Focus on the Family is celebrating the success of its Option Ultrasound™ Program (OUP), which has helped save more than 120,000 babies since its inception in 2004. The program has provided 536 grants to qualifying pregnancy medical clinics in all 50 states and its first international placement in Bucharest, Romania.

These grants cover 80 percent of the cost of an ultrasound machine or sonography training, helping the medical clinics confirm a healthy pregnancy for their clients. The ultrasound machines do much more than provide a needed medical service, however – they often introduce a woman to her preborn baby for the first time, giving her the chance to see a real-time image of the child inside her womb.

“Ultrasound scans make a difference,” says Kelly Rosati, vice president of community outreach. “For women who are abortion-minded, seeing that little life on the ultrasound monitor can change their hearts and minds about choosing life for their baby.”

Moms around the country shared their stories with Focus through videos submitted to the Faces of Lifecontest. One such mom is Stephanie, who considered an abortion when she found out she was pregnant. After visiting Real Options, a pregnancy medical clinic in San Jose, Calif., that received a grant for an ultrasound machine, however, her heart changed.

“I was confused and hurt and ashamed – and I wanted to terminate the pregnancy altogether,” Stephanie said. “Then I had my first ultrasound, and as soon as I heard the heartbeat . . . there was no turning back! When I heard the heartbeat, it just made things real.”

Focus on the Family began OUP with the goal of giving abortion-minded women greater access to ultrasound services – technology that Rosati says not only helps women make informed decisions, but also protects both her health and that of her preborn child.

“We regularly hear from women who, years later, still regret and grieve their abortions,” Rosati says. “We want to better serve these women, and the babies they carry, by empowering them with the facts they need to make educated choices. We’re here to come alongside of them in their moment of need, offer them love – and help them find hope.”

To schedule an interview with Focus on the Family’s Vice President of Community Outreach Kelly Rosati, please contact Monica Schleicher at 719-648-4590 or via email at

Hear more of Stephanie’s story and the heart-touching stories of other moms who changed their minds about abortion at Focus on the Family’s YouTube channel. 

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