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Jim Daly


Jim Daly Casual ThumbJim Daly is president and chief executive officer of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families thrive. Daly has held several leadership positions for Focus, and has been predominantly involved in the ministry's Public Affairs, Marketing and International efforts.


Lisa Anderson

Director of Young Adults, Host of The Boundless Show

Lisa AndersonLisa Anderson is director of young adults for Focus on the Family, the world’s leading Christian organization dedicated to helping families thrive. She manages Boundless, Focus’ ministry for young adults, with the goal of helping 20- and 30-somethings mature in Christ as a foundation for marriage and family.


Paul Batura

Vice President, Communications

Paul BaturaPaul Batura is vice president of Communications for Focus on the Family. In his role, Batura is responsible for media and public relations, internal communications and community relations to the ministry’s Colorado Springs neighbors.


Candi Cushman

Education Analyst

Candi CushmanCandi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family, is a leading national expert on education issues affecting public and private education.


Carrie Gordon Earll

Vice President of Government & Public Policy

CarrieEarllTOCCarrie Gordon Earll is the vice president of government and public policy at Focus on the Family, where she oversees the ministry's issue analyst staff providing expertise on a range of public policy topics.


John Fuller

Co-Host, Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast

JohnFullerTOCJohn Fuller is vice president of Focus on the Family's Audio division, host of the national "Weekend Magazine" broadcast and co-host of the daily "Focus on the Family" radio program. A media veteran of more than 30 years, he writes and speaks about leadership, media trends and communication. As a father of six, he also writes and speaks about parenting and marriage.


Bruce Hausknecht

Judicial Analyst

Bruce HausknechtBruce Hausknecht, J.D., is an attorney who serves as Focus on the Family’s judicial analyst. He is responsible for research and analysis of legal and judicial issues related to Christians and the institution of the family, including First Amendment freedom of religion and free speech issues, judicial activism, marriage, homosexuality and pro-life matters. He also tracks legislation and laws affecting these issues.


Danny Huerta

Executive Director, Parenting

Danny HuertaDaniel Huerta is a bilingual, licensed clinical social worker. He specializes as a counselor and spokesperson in the treatment of disruptive behavior disorders, self-esteem issues, and anxiety and depression in adolescents, children and their families. He can also discuss how to talk with kids about trauma and healthy sexuality.


Kelly Rosati

Vice President, Community Outreach

Kelly RosatiKelly M. Rosati, J.D., is the vice president of Community Outreach at Focus on the Family, where she oversees the Adoption & Orphan Care Initiative and the Sanctity of Human Life department. Rosati also directs the Option Ultrasound program, The Truth Project and Focus on the Family’s Community Care efforts.


Erin Smalley

Program Manager, Marriage Ministries

Erin SmalleyErin Smalley serves as the program manager for Focus on the Family’s marriage ministry and develops content for the marriage department.


Greg Smalley

Vice President, Family Ministries

Greg SmalleyDr. Greg Smalley serves as vice president of Family Ministries at Focus on the Family. In this role, he develops and oversees initiatives that prepare individuals for marriage, strengthen and nurture existing marriages and help couples in marital crises.


Glenn Stanton

Director, Family Formation Studies

Glenn StantonGlenn T. Stanton is the director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs and a research fellow at the Institute of Marriage and Family in Ottawa. He debates and lectures extensively on the issues of gender, sexuality, marriage and parenting at universities and churches around the country.


Bob Waliszewski

Director, Plugged In

BobWaliszewskiTOC_2Bob Waliszewski is director of Focus on the Family's Plugged In department, which features the Plugged In Online Web site, The site provides up-to-date reviews of new movie releases and information on the hottest music, television, DVDs and video games impacting popular youth culture.


Mitchell Wright

Executive Producer, Visual Media

Mitch WrightMitchell Wright is the Executive Producer of Visual Media at Focus on the Family. He is is a national award-winning television and film producer with 16 years of experience in documentary films, scripted and unscripted TV series, and 23 years of experience in live events and televised productions for multi-million dollar broadcast companies.

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