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Jim Mhoon

Vice President, Content Development and Integration

Jim Mhoon

Jim Mhoon serves as vice president of Content Development and Integration. In this role, he oversees the development of content strategies and media production for book publishing, audio drama, video and TV production and media publishing (magazines and online).

Mhoon’s recent work includes overseeing the production of Focus on the Family’s first-ever, in-theater documentary, “Irreplaceable.” This feature-length film will be shown in select theaters nationwide on May 6, 2014, and explores questions like “What is family?” and “Does family still matter in today’s society?” Along with “Irreplaceable,” Mhoon is working on the “The Family Project,” a 12-lesson DVD-based small group curriculum, book and devotional that explores these questions in greater detail.

He’s also directing development of future films for the Reclamation Series, a series of documentaries that focus on the importance of family, marriage and a Christ-centered response to social issues presented in each film. After “Irreplaceable,” upcoming films in the series include “Undateable” (2015) and “Fatherless.”

Mhoon started at Focus in 1996. He worked in Human Resources, Video Production, Book Publishing and Parenting Ministries for nine years.
Mhoon then served as vice president of Marketing and Communication for CRISTA Ministries, where he worked as a consultant to local and international ministries. He returned to Focus in 2010.

Mhoon earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in business administration.

Jim has been married to his wife, Diane, since 1988. They have two adult children and 30 nieces and nephews. He enjoys running and hunting with his English Setter and fly-fishing.

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