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Messages From Our President

January 2016

It's a Boy!
An inspiring story about a moment of truth that saved a child's life.

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
As the new year kicks off, Jim Daly highlights some effective ministry programs that are underway, as well as several promising new initiatives for the coming months.

December 2015

No Room in the Inn
A look at how Jesus' birthplace impacts your mission this Christmas.

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Jim Daly shares a story about how Christmas becomes real and meaningful for a single mom.

November 2015

Counting Our Blessings
Thank you for being a part of God's life-changing ministry!

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Jim Daly highlights the successes of four of Focus on the Family's initiatives and offers encouragement to those struggling with life's challenges this Thanksgiving season.

October 2015

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Focus on the Family's President discusses the plight of children in the foster care system and the ministry's Adoption and Orphan Care Initiative.

September 2015

Are you running your schedule? Or is your schedule running you?
Helpful tips for the back-to-school season and managing your family's busy fall.

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Jim Daly talks about the temptation many families face to take on too many activities and over-fill their schedules.

August 2015

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Continuing to share his thoughts on the subject of last month's letter, Jim Daly explores the deeper implications and ramifications of the Supreme Court's decision to redefine marriage.

July 2015

High Court Redefines Marriage!
The stakes were high as the United States Supreme Court debated the historic Obergefell v. Hodges case this summer on what constitutes marriage. And now with the Court's controversial ruling redefining marriage, the stakes are even higher.

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Jim Daly shares his thoughts regarding the Supreme Court's decision to impose same-sex marriage on all 50 states.

June 2015

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Jim Daly discusses the importance of fathers, the epidemic of fatherlessness in America and his mixed emotions about Father's Day.

May 2015

Hope for Marriages in Crisis
Our culture today places little value in marriage. With a divorce rate that hovers between 40 and 50 percent, is their hope for marriages in crisis?

Jim Daly's Monthly Newsletter
Jim Daly informs readers about the National Institute of Marriage, "an 'ER' center where couples in crisis can get a new lease on life and a second chance at a floundering relationship."

April 2015

Martyrdom and Ministry
So many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are enduring terrible suffering in the Middle East. This is an issue that needs our immediate attention.

A Special Message From Wessam Yacoub
Here is the note from Sami Yacoub's wife, Wessam, which Jim Daly mentions in his April, 2015 newsletter.

March 2015

The Hope of Easter: New Life
Not only do we have the blessing of new life through Jesus Christ, but that same resurrection power can breathe new life into troubled marriages, struggling families and broken-hearted individuals.

January 2015

You Are Precious in His Sight
From the moment of conception to the end of life, we are all precious in God's sight.

December 2014

Gifts From Our Father
God has given us many wonderful Christmas gifts. Let's unwrap some of them now ...

November 2014

We Are Thankful
Here at Focus on the Family, we are thankful for many things.

July 2014

More than 130,000 moviegoers discover the importance of family – thanks to you!

May 2014

"Tell the next generation"
If we don't invest in the next generation, we're missing the opportunity to invest in our own futures.

March 2014

He is Risen!
Easter is the most important holiday of the Christian faith, the time that we recall the pain of Christ's sacrifice for us on the cross – and rejoice in His miraculous resurrection after three days in the tomb.

January 2014

Sanctity of Human Life
January is a significant time of year that we use to honor Sanctity of Human Life month – 31 days of remembrance and prayers for the millions of preborn babies lost since the landmark decision Roe v. Wade.

December 2013

Lessons From the Nativity Story
The nativity story is an incredible reminder to us all of the strength that comes with an absolute faith in the power of God.

November 2013

Focus on What's Important
There's a lot to do to prepare for all the wonderful events that fill November and December, and it can get a little overwhelming. We are here to help you keep the spirit in the busy weeks ahead.

September 2013

God's Plans for Families
Here at Focus on the Family, we have some encouraging and inspiring projects in the works to continue helping families thrive in Christ.

July 2013

Land of the Free
For 237 years, the United States of America has stood as a beacon of freedom to the world. Yet that freedom is something many of us take for granted.

May 2013

Celebrate Mom!
Mother's Day is a time for husbands and children to show appreciation for Mom's hard work and sacrifice.

Special Edition

How We Help Families Thrive
Focus on the Family is here to help you with the challenges you face in marriage, parenting or as a single person.

March 2013

The Gift of Eternal Life
Easter Sunday is a sacred, beautiful holiday that reminds us all of the gift we have received in Christ's sacrifice and resurrection.

January 2013

Understanding Unexpected Pregnancy
Some women are faced with daunting obstacles when they unexpectedly discover they are pregnant.

December 2012

Putting the Season in Perspective
To help you slow down and enjoy the Christmas season, we've compiled some tips to help you decompress and refocus your perspective.

November 2012

Today's Digital Family
Find out about a new program Focus is using to reach out to families via the Internet.

September 2012

Today I Will ...
Today I Will is about doing one thing each day to show your loved ones you care about them. We have some great ideas to help you lift up your family this fall.

July 2012

Make This Summer Count
Beat boredom and make memories with a summer wish list.

May 2012

Moms Matter
Moms are very special to God's heart.

March 2012

How big will 2012 be for the family?
Here are three key issues that should concern your family this election season.

February 2012

Listen Up
Focus on the Family's radio program strengthens families and changes lives.

January 2012

Love at First (Ultrasound) Sight
Seeing life as it should be.

December 2011

Merry Christmas
This Christmas, let's focus on faith.

November 2011

How your gifts offer new hope to kids in foster care

October 2011

The Money Issue
Here's our take on a topic that often tears marriages apart; also, a new alliance designed to bring hope to families nationwide

September 2011

Reclaiming the Sanctity of Sex From the Culture 
Intimacy builds faith, creates oneness ... and teaches our children important truth

August 2011

Back to School 
Bullies! — A parent's guide to a real problem in the schoolyard

July 2011

Special Family Summertime Edition 
From warm evenings at the ballpark to family cookouts, this time of year is often a memory maker for families everywhere.

June 2011

A Father's Heart 
Part 2 of one family's journey to adoption

May 2011

A Mother's Dream 
Part 1 of one family's journey to adoption

April 2011

Susan's Story: One Year Later 
Do you believe that God divinely orchestrates the details of our lives? Many of you do; so do I. I’d like to tell you about one such moment here at Focus on the Family.

March 2011

Forward Focus 
2011 primed to be a banner year for biblical ministry to families

February 2011

The Heart of Focus 
The challenges families face have broadened since this ministry first began, but our biblically based values remain. Becky’s story illustrates our commitment to helping families thrive at every stage.

January 2011

Christine's Story 
When Christine discovered she was pregnant, she panicked. She had a lot of questions. And she needed answers right away. Here’s her story — in her own words.

December 2010

Celebrate the Season Together 
This is a perfect time to turn our eyes toward the reason for the season.

November 2010

A Dream Come True 
How one family followed God's command to care for orphans

October 2010

'After 21 Years of Marriage, My Husband Left'
A suddenly single mother of two seeks out hope from Focus on the Family

September 2010

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless 
Focus on the Family International efforts touch hearts all over the world

August 2010

Signs of the Times 
Bringing biblical values back to the national discourse

June 2010

I Love Being Called 'Dad'
Jim Daly's thoughts on Father's Day and fatherhood

May 2010

Love Letters 
Read the winning entry in our Love Letter contest

April 2010

'You Saved This Baby's Life'
Super Bowl ad touches a young mother's heart

Spring 2010

Staying in Focus 
Jim Daly discusses the future of Focus on the Family

December 2009

When God Does the Unexpected …
Jim Daly shares a story of Christmas hope in the lives of a young couple.

May 2008

The Cost of Divorce
Dr. James Dobson and Jim Daly discuss the financial impact of divorce on society.

November 2007

Finding Home: An Imperfect Path to Faith and Family
Details about Jim Daly's autobiography, Finding Home, available in bookstores nationwide.

November 2006:

An Exciting New Initiative from Focus on the Family
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

April 2006:

'The Best Radio Talk Show of the Year'Focus president, Jim Daly, discusses the ongoing impact of the Focus on the Family daily radio broadcast

January 2006:

The Fatherless Family
Focus President Jim Daly discusses the damage caused by absent fathers.

November 2005:

Family ManFocus on the Family President Jim Daly looks at the life and times of Dr. James Dobson.

October 2005:

Greetings From Jim Daly
As President and CEO of the organization, I want to thank you for your interest in the ministry.

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