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Most parents are aware of the negative influences their children encounter on a daily basis. The Internet, television, movies, music and the culture at large can bombard our families with a vast array of images and messages that range from unhealthy to downright dangerous.

Focus on the Family's family safety resources are intended to equip families with the tools to combat these threats. Consider bookmarking this page and watching for new resources. Most of all, equip your family to live fearlessly!

  • Protecting our families today is more vital than ever

    Online Safety and Media Filtering Resources

    We all love the convenience and benefits of the Internet-but there's a lot to be concerned about on the World Wide Web. Keep your family safe from online predators, cyberbullying and more with Net Nanny® Internet protection software. Packed with safety features and helpful monitoring tools, your family can filter out the negative influences and enjoy the positive benefits of the online world.  Check out Net Nanny today!

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Safer Movie Nights

ClearPlay® DVD Filter

Stop lunging for the remote and start enjoying your family movie nights again with the ClearPlay® DVD player. Filter out the unwholesome content you don't want so you can watch movies with peace of mind.

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