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The biblical Blessing is a gift that affirms others, enabling them to understand their worth before God.

Parents can transform the course of their sons' and daughters' lives.

Marriages can be strengthened when husbands and wives speak words of blessing to each other.

We are here to help you live out a commitment to bless those you love!

  • Learn More About How to Bless Your Children

    Focus on the Family is excited to be working with our friend John Trent to help you bless your children. The Blessing isn't just another parenting tip – it's a powerful, yet simple, biblical concept that can strengthen all of your relationships.

    Use the tabs above and the links below to learn more about the five components of a biblical blessing for children, spouses, young adults and churches. And feel free to contact Focus; we’re here to help.

    Just watch the videos, and let the blessings begin …


    Blessing Your Child
    Don't leave The Blessing to chance. Set your child on a spiritual path. Learn how to give them a written, biblical blessing.

    Blessing Your Children
    Meeting your children's need for affirmation doesn't have to be difficult. Learn the five elements of a biblical blessing.

    The Daily Blessing
    Jacob prayed for each of his 12 sons in a way that the Bible called a blessing (Genesis 49:1-28). How do you do this for your family?

    Building Self-Esteem in Your Kids
    This clever discipline method is less exhausting and more successful than ranting, raving, blaming, pleading, begging or threatening.

    The Impact of Everyday Interactions
    Ordinary moments may become the biggest treasured memory for a child

    How Much Validation and Nurturing?
    Every child needs both validation and nurture to fully develop into a healthy adult.


    The Power of The Blessing
    The Blessing has impacted millions of families. Now John Trent joins us to answer your questions of how to give your child the five elements of a Biblical blessing—and what that really means. Your children long for a healthy relationship with you, filled with approval and unconditional love—but what does that look like? And what do you do if you feel like you've already made too many mistakes?

    How to Bless Your Kids
    Mark Holmen, a national and international consultant and speaker for the Faith At Home movement, explains how parents can begin blessing their kids.


    Passing on a Blessing to Your Family
    John Trent and Tony Wheeler share practical ideas on how parents can bless their children and explain how we can break the cycle if we did not receive a blessing from our own parents.

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  • Honor Your Marriage By Blessing Your Spouse

    Here at Focus on the Family, our goal is to help you have a healthy, Christ-centered marriage that will go the distance. John Trent says one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your marriage is to regularly give your spouse a blessing. How do you do that? We're glad you asked! Below you'll find links to information on how to bless your spouse, plus more biblically based resources, practical encouragement and answers to common marriage questions.

    And don't forget to take The Blessing Challenge!


    Blessing Your Spouse
    Let's look at how the blessing can and should be given to a spouse and the relationship gains that can happen as a result.

    Meaningful Touch in Marriage
    Meaningful touch can enrich your relationships in many ways.

    A Spoken Message/Attaching High Value to a Spouse
    When we decide to place high value on our spouse, and then back that up with spoken words, it can do wonders for a marriage.

    Picturing a Special Future for Your Spouse
    Your mate needs to hear positive words that help your spouse meet his or her God-given potential.

    An Active Commitment to Your Mate
    What every man or woman owes his or her spouse is the willingness to stay committed, even if the other person fumbles the ball.

    Date Night: Blessing Your Spouse
    Sometimes in marriage, we forget that we need to pursue and "woo" our mate. During this Date Night, focus on giving your spouse a blessing.


    Focus on Marriage Podcast
    Timeless wisdom from Focus on the Family that will challenge and encourage you in your marriage.

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  • The Power of Receiving and Passing on the Blessing

    As a young adult, you're probably curious about a lot of things, including dating, school, your career, your faith, even getting along with your parents. That's why Focus on the Family created, our website for young adults. That's also why we’re working with John Trent to introduce people to The Blessing Challenge. If you're ready to learn what it means to both give and receive a blessing, then we invite you to check out the links below.

    Relationships matter, and Boundless is here to help.


    If You Missed The Blessing
    What if you missed out on the blessing as a child? What now? Continue reading to learn more.

    Be A Blessing To Your Friends
    An important part of becoming a close friend is to apply each element of the blessing in a friendship.


    Boundless Podcast: "Bless"
    This show has massive practical takeaway value, so listen and tell us how you're going to do one of the following this week: Actively bless others. Show honor to one of your spiritual leaders.

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    With encouragement and advice for navigating relationships, career, culture, faith and more, Boundless helps young adults mature in Christ as a foundation for marriage and family.

    And while you're at, check the left sidebar for your free download of the Guy's or Girl's Guide to Marrying Well.

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  • Cultivate a Culture of Biblical Blessing in Your Church

    Welcome pastors! We're so glad you’re interested in cultivating a culture of blessing in your church community. It's exciting to be part of a movement where Christ is exalted and lives are impacted; at Focus on the Family, we believe that John Trent's Blessing Challenge is that kind of opportunity. Just click on the links below to learn more.

    Focus wants to help individuals and families in your church community both give and receive a biblical blessing. Please let us know if we can serve you in any way.


    Blessing Those You Shepherd
    Discover a freshness that never grows stale as you offer people words of life from the Father week after week.

    A Church That Gives The Blessing
    What happens when a church, or even a department within a church, gets hold of the concept of the blessing?

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    The Blessing DVD-Based Conversation Kit

    For years, parents and spouses around the world have seen the life-changing rewards of giving others The Blessing. Based on the best-selling book by John Trent and Gary Smalley, this powerful message is now available as a six-session DVD series that’s perfect for groups, couples and individuals. The kit includes:

    • the 6-session DVDs
    • a Participant's Guide
    • a Digital Leader's Guide
    • Church Resources

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