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August 27, 2013

The Digital Invasion Resources

-All material herein is copyright protected by Baker Publishing Gr oup  and sourced directly from The Digital Invasion, by Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd-


Digital Use Assessment Quiz


Answer yes or no

         1. Do you text and drive even though you know its not the safe thing to do?

         2. Do you get the urge to use your smartphone when someone else is talking to you?

            3. Do you ever feel something hasn’t really happened until you post it on F acebook?

         4. Does your family sit in the same room but not talk to each other because you are all interacting with your digital gadgets?

         5. Do you find a ringing or vibrating cell phone interrupts and trumps every- thing else?

         6. Do you ever lie about your Internet or online gaming use?

          7. Are you experiencing a loss of interest in other activities you used to enjoy?

         8. Do you neglect yourself (sleeping/eating)  because of time spent in the digital world?

         9. Do you feel anxious if you are offline for a period of time?

        10. Do you ever think about how you could focus better in real life without all these gadgets invading your space?


                Number of yes answers.


Interpreting the score:


0:    P erfect score. Y ou are doing very well in managing your digital w orld.

1 to 3:    Y our digital usage is good.

4 to 6:    Y ou have a problem, so caution is needed.

7 to 10:    Y our digital engagement i s excessive, so take immediate steps to bring it under control.





I (Dr. Frejd) wanted to share some of the digital boundaries that I have set up for myself and hope they will encourage you in establishing your own digital boundaries.   

My Digital Boundaries  



Do not check my smartphone until after my morning devotions.

Try to end my digital day by 9:00 p.m.

Don’t check my smartphone when having lunch or dinner with a friend, or leave phone in car.

Take a digital fast every Sunday.

No digital gadgets at mealtimes.

Limit checking emails or texts to once an hour.

Try not to talk on the phone to virtual people when real people are in front of me.

Pray daily for God to help me become a good steward of my virtual life.





Di g i ta l Stewardship

Co n t r act




Because I desire to have healthy use of technology and steward it well, I pledge the following:


1. I acknowledge that technology is a tool to be used to make my life simpler, to be more productive, and to embrace the many benefits.

2. I will be alert for how digital technology can become an idol to me and continue to ask for God’s help to keep it in its place.

3. I will enlist an accountability partner to help keep me balanced and pure in my digital use.

4. I will not waste my real life on a virtual life but seek out ways to daily engage in real life and relationships.

5. I will incorporate face-to-face conversations and connections as much as possible and limit my virtual connections.

6. I will practice being present and in the moment with the people

I encounter during my day.

7 . I will have tech-free times and take a digital fast to detox as needed.

8. I will not use my digital technology as an escape from my feel- ings and emotions.

9. I will protect my Godspace and daily practice spiritual disci- plines that cultivate my relationship with God.

10 . I will not access inappropriate content through the Internet and will get Covenant Eyes if it becomes a problem.

11 . I will model good digital stewardship to my family, friends, and co-workers.


I agree to all these pledges:


Y our Signature:                                                                         

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