Adventures in Fatherhood

Adventures in Fatherhood 2015

Are you looking to connect with your 12 to 20-year old son or daughter, in a way that will create lasting memories? Then join us for a week of backpacking through breathtaking mountain scenery, swimming in crisp alpine lakes, rappelling, rock climbing and camping under the starlit sky.

You will also enjoy one-on-one interaction with your child and uninterrupted time with God. Our trip is guided by the experienced team at Summit Adventure of Bass Lake, CA who we have partnered with for over 30 years.

  • JULY 8-12, 2015

    Picture of the Ansel Adams Wilderness at night

    Wednesday, July 8

    Throughout the Day               Guests Arrive at Hotel

    6:00 PM                               Dinner, Terrace A

    Thursday, July 9

    6:00-7:30 AM                       Breakfast on terrace and check-out

    7:45 AM                              Group departure to Summit Base Camp

    Thursday, July 9 - Sunday, July 12

                                            Backpacking in the mountains

    Sunday, July 12

    4:00 PM                               Arrive at Holiday Inn Fresno Airport

    5:30 PM                               Depart for dinner

    7:30 PM                               Group Activity on Terrace A

    Monday, July 13


  • Summit Adventure Philosophy

    Using adventure to influence, develop and transform people is thousands of years old. A quick look through the Old Testament shows countless examples of how God used adventure to draw people closer to His heart. Wandering around the desert for 40 years is textbook adventure guided and facilitated by God Himself. Then Jesus appears and takes 12 guys and countless others on a three-year adventure following him around Israel on foot. The trek from Jerusalem to the Galilee alone is somewhere around 100 miles one-way through some very harsh country. The purpose of these forays into the unknown is to increase reliance on, and trust in, Almighty God.

    Summit Adventure has been adapting that same philosophy to us moderns for the past 35 years. Just like so many biblical narratives, people of all ages still willingly leave the familiarity of home to venture out into the unknown. That is the crux of adventure—not knowing what the outcomes will be. Perhaps we all want to be on an adventure. Serving meals, climbing up rock walls, crossing rivers of real and imaginary dangers with the rest of your group are just a few ways that people leave their comfort zones to grow and learn.

    Of course, change rarely just happens to us. We have to transfer certain things from one situation to another. Profound and powerful experiences are commonplace on Summit courses, and we use every approach possible to help participants transfer their learning back to home and work. We pour astonishing energy and resources into instructors and support staff responsible for this crucial task. They are also well-prepared to handle the mundane and extraordinary events of the adventures they lead people into. In other words, participants are simultaneously safe, well cared for and challenged to push beyond their self-imposed limits.

    There is abundant anecdotal and scientific research proving what the Bible has said all along—hands-on, adventure-based learning like that found on all Summit Adventure courses is the most effective way to affect change and growth in people. Period.

  • "I will always treasure the memory that I had with my son..."

    "I will always treasure the memory that I had with my son Jacob.  There were special times where we were able to laugh at ourselves for doing silly things.  I will always remember the special talks as we walked or climbed rocks and just discussed spiritual matters, life, and relationships.  I feel that the beautiful mountain setting was perfect for “real” time between the two of us.  It was nice not having any cell phone or electronic distractions.  Watching Jacob stretch beyond his comfort zone was awesome, I am very proud of him and will always remember this time together." - Joseph

    Register Now!

    Registration Fee: $1,400 per pair

    The registration fee covers all meals, lodging, transportation to and from the mountains, equipment and trip activities. The costs of travel to Fresno and ground transportation between the hotel and airport are not included in the registration fee.

    Call or Email with Questions:


    mon-fri 8am- 5pm MST


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