Live Your Story

How Do You Live Your Story?

Legs shaking, diaphragm quaking, I stood up in front of thousands. I could succumb to the terror, but I’m choosing to tell my story. I’m not perfect. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. So, why me? Because I am a voice of change, and this moment is a full-frontal, guerrilla assault on the lie that I’m too small to do something so huge.

To be world-changers we must first be me-changers…and resources like these give me the courage to start there.

  • Leadership from a Christian Worldview

    Leadership from a Christian Worldview

    Have you achieved your degree? Enhance your education with Christ-centered leadership skills. The Focus Leadership InstituteTM (FLI) offers Advanced Learning Opportunities™ for graduates, with a certificate in Principle-Centered Management for those serious about enhancing their leadership skills. These courses focus on conflict management, leveraging technology and applying management theory. FLI is here to help you become the leader you want to be.

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A Thriving Family for Three Generations

It starts with you—a promise to be a thriving family today by doing the little things that matter, that will become a lasting legacy echoing across future generations and our culture.

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God’s Will in College

Focus Leadership Institute™ Director Kneeland C. Brown and alumna Esther Fleece discuss how students can prepare themselves to have a solid foundation in the Christian faith throughout their college years.

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Why Family Matters

Why Family Matters ignites hope for a new legacy of healthy marriages, faith-based parenting and rekindled relationships. Explore a fresh take on family in this FREE e-book download!

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Lead the Culture

To learn more about influencing the culture and creating a positive impact on your families, friends and coworkers, explore our public policy resources.

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