Focus on the Family

Debunking First-Time Parenting Myths

We're setting the records straight on several misconceptions about pregnancy and early parenthood.

by Carol Heffernan

As an expectant parent, one thing is certain: Relatives, acquaintances and even strangers will assail you with endless stories and advice about child rearing. Trouble is, it's a challenge to know what to believe since no two pregnancies, births or babies are alike. Still, it's all too easy for new parents to fall victim to parenting myths or misconceptions somewhere along the line.

Fortunately, children and parents learn together, and your parenting can change and develop as your child changes and develops. Consider these common parenting myths that'll help put you and your spouse at ease during those early days with baby.

Moms and Dads: Invest in each other and don't allow your marriage to flounder. Take the advice of Dr. James Dobson:

"To keep a marriage vibrant and healthy, you simply have to give it some attention. Water the plant, place it in the sunlight, and it will grow. If you put it in a cold dark corner, however, it is likely to die. With a little effort and creativity, you can keep the fireworks in your marriage."


Parenthood definitely changes a marriage—but those changes can be for the better.

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