Focus on the Family

Preparing for Parenthood's Financial Squeeze

The cost of caring for a new baby is intimidating. But raising children doesn't have to be as expensive as you think.

by Carol Heffernan

If there's one topic that raises blood pressures of new and soon-to-be parents alike, it's the financial expense of raising a child.

Maybe you've stumbled across an article detailing the daunting costs of child rearing, from birth through college. Maybe you're concerned about making things work on a modest income. Maybe you're anxious about your lack of financial savvy—particularly when it comes to long-term planning.

There's no doubt about it, money is a huge stressor for most new parents. As Jacey Rury, mother of three points out, "There's probably never a 'perfect time' financially to have a baby. If we would've waited until we paid off this amount or saved that amount, we may never have had kids!"

Certainly there are some unavoidable expenses, but having a baby doesn't have to turn your budget upside down—as long as you resist the urge to buy that chic diaper bag or those teeny-tiny name brand shoes. Just remember: it is doable to provide for your little one without breaking the bank. Here are some money-saving suggestions to keep in mind.