Focus on the Family

Coming Out of "Parenting Retirement"

Your son or daughter may have left home, but don't forget that once a parent, always a parent.

by Erin Prater

Some titles are temporary. Others – such as "child of God," or "parent," are life-long, even eternal. Realizing the full meaning of this statement doesn't come automatically.

Hopefully you've taken time to mourn, not the loss of your child, but the completion of one stage in life. During this time you might have felt like your job as a parent was through, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

By now, you've realized that you're not done being a parent, even in the active sense. Your ministry to your child has changed. You've caught your second wind, and hopefully taken some time for yourself in the process. Way to go!

Here are some ways to come along side your child, even from afar.