Focus on the Family

Thriving in Your Second Half of Life

Feeling overwhelmed by your new parenting role? Sifting through your mixed emotions might reveal some practical answers.

by Erin Prater

It doesn't matter how many times you longed for "just a minute" to yourself, free of the clutter, business and stress that often accompany parenting. Now your child is moving on, and you don't want them to go. Sure, there's the upside of your new stage of life: You likely have a little extra time and money on your hands; but then there's the downside: dealing with a host of new emotions you've never experienced before.

If your son or daughter is leaving for college, trade school or just venturing out into her own, a number of questions might be stifling your level of contentment. If so, consider these suggestions to fend off the "my child is leaving home" blahs.