Achieving Financial Harmony

What is the common thread between a bride and groom, interior design and barbershop singers?

A couple's love is built on whether or not they give their hearts to one another; guests are more likely to feel peace when a home's décor is made up of complementary colors and patterns; three voices harmonize to the melody of a fourth voice in an a cappella quartet.

Love, beauty and sound all depend on qualities that don't clash and disagree.

In a word, that common thread is harmony.

When we refer to people being "on the same page," we mean they have a common opinion about how to approach life, complete a task or reach a goal. And when we unite together, the end result is peace, serenity, and joy. That said, when we reflect on whether we have financial harmony, what exactly does that mean? More importantly, how do we achieve it?

On a basic level, it means agreeing on a family budget, working with business partners honestly or paying creditors each month. But finding true financial harmony is more than just making sure your checkbook balances each month; it means making financial decisions that are congruent with God's precepts. In other words, it begins with obedience.

We learn throughout the Scriptures that God is obviously not appeased by money or things. 1 Samuel 15:22 says, "Obedience is better than sacrifice," and Joshua 1:8 emphasizes that "obedience and meditation on God's Word brings one a prosperous and successful life."

God demands adherence to his commands in all areas of our life—even when days feel bleak and discouraging. Although the "health and wealth doctrine" has been alive and well for quite some time, the reality is God cannot be bought, so we must willingly give up everything to follow Him.

We hope this article series will help you discover a new or different financial mindset. We'd even go so far as to say that our goal is to positively influence your daily financial decisions: how much and what you buy, what you invest in and what you give to charity.

Why? Because we achieve a harmonious balance only when we take time to find out what God expects and then agree to submissively partner with Him; only then will we stay on the same page as our Creator.

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