Focus on the Family

Life After Miscarriage

Remembering your loss can help you heal.

byLisa Brock

Nearly every parent's worst fear is the loss of a child — even those babies who haven't been born yet. The pain and grief suffered by moms and dads who have lost babies to miscarriage is just as real as the grief of those who lose children later in life. If you or someone you love has suffered a miscarriage, how do you begin to heal from your sadness and grief?

Don't blame yourself. The most common reasons women miscarry are missing pieces of genetic information in the fertilized egg or improper implantation of the baby into the uterine lining. Women don't miscarry because they ate something they shouldn't have, or didn't take folic acid or get enough rest. Miscarriage is God's way of making sure that when you do have a baby, it has the best chance for a healthy life. Though it may feel like it, it's not a punishment.