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Marriage & Relationships

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An Active Commitment to Your Mate

What every man or woman owes his or her spouse is the willingness to stay committed, even if the other person fumbles the ball.

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We know marriage isn't always easy. In fact, it takes a lot of work. Thankfully, our bloggers are right there with you. Drawing from what they've learned, through research and their own experiences, we know you'll find something to connect with.


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<em>The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring</em> (Hardcover)

The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring (Hardcover)

Create a successful marriage through mentoring. This book transforms couples and even congregations through a well-outlined process of mentorship to help prepare new relationships and restore old ones.
<em>Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage</em> (Hardcover)

Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage (Hardcover)

Dr. Greg Smalley has devised a powerful five-step communication process for healthy conflict call the L.U.V.E. talk method. It stands for Listen, Understand, Validate, Empathize and Apologize.
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Marriage and Relationship Checkup

Date Night Challenge

Would you like a stronger, happier marriage with your spouse? Are you ready to revitalize your relationship?

Focus on the Family is preparing something you don't want to miss.

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