Post-Deployment: The Short-Term Reality

You've waited weeks, months or possibly over a year for your spouse to return from a mission or deployment. You've fantasized day and night about the picture-perfect reunion – passionately running into your spouse's open arms with reckless abandon. (Never mind the fact that you're exhausted from spending the whole night cleaning, primping and calling friends and family!)

But the longer your spouse has been deployed, and the more danger he's faced, the more likely you both have changed. Even if the reunion goes as planned, challenges lie ahead.

When it comes to post-deployment marital issues, it's more likely that the "problem" lies with your marital expectations than with either of you. Most couples set the bar too high during early marriage, so you've probably encountered this same problem before.

If you've ever wished for a "do-over" of the newlywed years, here's your chance to employ a little more wisdom and grace this time around. With experience under your belt and God on your side, you can rebuild a beautiful marriage relationship on a solid foundation.

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