Focus on the Family

Committed When You Don't Feel Like It

How can you be the spouse God called you to be when you just don't feel like doing what you know you should?

by Pam Farrel

I see it all the time. We’ve all felt it: the "Hey, what about me?" syndrome. Sometimes it sneaks up on us when we feel that our emotional needs aren't being met — and we resent it. Or maybe we have a hard-to-love spouse and we’re tired of trying to make things work. That's when the "Hey, what about me?" syndrome hits. When it comes, and we're feeling sorry for ourselves — or just plain tired of trying — what can we do?


Choose to make wise decisions. Don't rely on feelings or emotions when the going gets tough. Our feelings don’t carry us to the right decisions; rather right decisions carry us to right emotions — and positive rewards. Here are a few ways your can exercise your will over your emotions:

Life is full of choices. Obedience is a path to God’s protection for you and your future. Wisdom is a gateway to happiness (Proverbs 3:13-20). We need to remember these things and make wise decisions for life — even when we don't feel like it.