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Challenges to Our Religious Freedoms

Air date 11/20/2013

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A panel of guests discuss recent examples of continuing infringements upon religious freedoms across the United States.


Helen Alvare

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Helen Alvare is an Associate Professor of Law at George Mason University and authoritative voice regarding law's impact on religion and the family. Her written works include research papers, law reviews, symposiums and numerous periodical contributions. Helen is also a regular media consultant on behalf of the U.S. Council of Bishops.


Jordan Lorence

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Jordan Lorence is a senior attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund in Scottsdale, Ariz. and specializes in constitutional law. He has litigated religious liberty and free speech cases around the nation since 1984. Jordan has worked for various groups such as the Concerned Women for America, the American Center for Law and Justice and Home School Legal Defense Association.