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Godly Wisdom for Leading Your Family (Part 1 of 2)

Air date 03/25/2013

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Leadership expert Ken Blanchard, along with co-authors of the book Lead Your Family Like Jesus, Phil Hodges and Tricia Goyer, discuss the servanthood model of Christ's life and how it applies to family. (Part 1 of 2)


Phil Hodges

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Phil Hodges built a 35-year career in HR & Labor Relations with Xerox Corp., and also served as a chief negotiator for U.S. Steel. He is co-founder, along with Ken Blanchard, of the non-profit ministry Lead Like Jesus, aimed at inspiring and equipping people to become servant leaders.


Ken Blanchard

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Ken Blanchard has spent four decades as an author, speaker and business consultant. He is co-founder of Ken Blanchard Companies, a global leader in workplace learning, productivity, leadership and team effectiveness.


Tricia Goyer

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Tricia Goyer is the award-winning author of more than forty books, drawn from her experiences as a teen mother and leading voice of hope for women in today’s generation. A key note speaker at the 2013 MOPS convention, Tricia writes regularly for several popular Christian women's blogs in addition to her own. She has been married for more than twenty years and is the mother of six children.