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Healing Marriages One Couple at a Time

Air date 03/06/2015

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Mark and Angie Pyatt of the National Institute of Marriage describe how the organization helped save their once-troubled relationship, and how it helps couples in crisis today. 

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Mark Pyatt

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A founding team member of the National Institute of Marriage, Mark Pyatt now serves as the organization's Vice President of Operations, tasked with overseeing marketing, accounting, human resources, strategic planning and more. Mark and his wife, Angie, who also works for the Institute, reside in Branson, MO, and have two children.


Angie Pyatt

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Angie Pyatt serves as an Intensive Consultant at the National Institute of Marriage. She's also the organization's registrar and has additional responsibilities in social media, marketing and facilities management. Angie and her husband, Mark, who is Vice President of Operations at the Institute, reside in Branson, MO, and have two children.