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How Millennials are Impacting the Culture

Air date 02/04/2014

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Brad Lomenick and Rajeev Shaw discuss the defining characteristics of the Millennial generation, the difference they are making in the world, and how parents can motivate and inspire their passions.


Brad Lomenick

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Brad Lomenick is the President of Catalyst, one of America’s most influential leadership movements. Prior to leading Catalyst, Brad spent five years involved in the growth of the nationally acclaimed Life@Work Magazine and did management consulting with Cornerstone Group. He resides in Atlanta, Ga.


Rajeev Shaw

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Rajeev Shaw’s passion is to connect the 20- and 30-something audience with Focus by understanding the needs of today’s young adults and providing them with relevant Focus content. He advises the ministry on millennial efforts by building external relationships and partnerships with groups that reach millennials. Shaw lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Ashley, and their two sons.