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Understanding Your Teen's Behavior

This broadcast is over 30 days old and is no longer available to stream. You can purchase this broadcast in the bookstore now.

Based on their book Your Teenager is Not Crazy, Jeramy and Jerusha Clark offer an overview of a teen's brain from a neurological perspective, sharing insights on your teen's emotions and the impact of puberty and hormones. The Clarks give practical advice on resolving conflict with your teen, handling disrespect and helping your teen navigate peer pressure.

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    Parents' Guide to "13 Reasons Why"

    Focus on the Family

    This guide provides practical advice on talking to your kids and teens about sensitive topics like bullying, self-injury, sexting, rape and suicide – themes found in the popular Netflix series "13 Reasons Why."

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    Inspire Teen Girls With Brio!

    Focus on the Family

    Focus on the Family's magazine for teen girls is filled with inspiring stories, relationship advice, fashion tips, and much more! Get a one-year subscription for only $19.99.

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    Maintaining Your Marriage With Teens in the House

    Jerusha Clark

    Parenting adolescents isn't easy, and conflict surrounding raising kids can harm a marriage. But you and your spouse can work as a team to build your marriage — even while raising your kids.

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    Risks Teens Take

    Alice Crider

    What can parents do when their teens think they're invincible and don't consider the life-changing consequences?

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Jeramy and Jerusha Clark

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Dr. Jeramy Clark received his Masters of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry from Talbot Theological Seminary. He served as a youth pastor for 17 years before becoming the Pastor of Discipleship at Emmanuel Faith Community Church. His role includes overseeing men's and women's Ministries, care and counseling, youth ministries and small groups. Jeramy and his wife, Jerusha, have co-authored four books, three of which are bestsellers. Jerusha has her own writing and speaking ministry, focused on helping others glorify and enjoy God. She recently completed her twelfth book, Every Piece of Me: Shattering Toxic Beliefs and Discovering the Real You. Jeramy and Jerusha have two teen daughters. Learn more about the couple by visiting their website,