We have exciting news! The National Institute of Marriage (NIM) —based in Branson, Missouri— will be joining Focus on the Family. Sharing a mission of helping marriages thrive, we couldn't be more excited to add the NIM family and the work they do to our team.

At Focus on the Family, we've always been committed to providing couples with the resources they need to prepare for, strengthen and save their marriage. With NIM fully integrated into our team, we can take that important mission to an entirely new level.

Who is the National Institute of Marriage?

Utilizing multiple-day Marriage Intensive counseling at a peaceful retreat, NIM provides a place for hurting couples to get away from everyday distractions and focus on healing themselves and their marriage. But Focus on the Family Vice President Mark Pyatt explains it best. Check it out.

Check out why we're so excited NIM is joining us at Focus on the Family.

Saving marriages helps everyone

We wanted to share this exciting time, because we believe every marriage restored is a family saved. When marriages crumble, the impact reaches far beyond the two individuals involved. It extends to their children, family members and friends. That's why it's important to save and heal every marriage in crisis, because it affects us all.

Since it's founding in 2003, NIM has created the gold standard for helping marriages in crisis.

  • More than 3,000 couples have been helped
  • NIM has worked with couples from all 50 states and 20 different countries
  • Research shows 84% of couples helped are still married two years later

NIM offers many programs to help couples where they are

  • Christian Marriage Counseling
  • Marriage Conferences
  • Resources for Couples
  • Resources for Leaders
  • First Response Ministry


"We came as two broken, wounded, lonely hearts on life-support. With new hearts transplanted, we leave with a new consecrated life together as one."
"Forever changed and tremendously grateful for the tools given to change a stormy relationship into a peaceful calm. Twenty-one years of marriage, counselors, retreats and so many other things that we tried to move forward that all seemed to have never made a difference. What a gift God gave us at NIM in a safe environment with counselors and staff that are totally walking in a close relationship with Christ."


Marriage 911

This 12-week program helps couples learn how to deal with their difficult circumstances in healthy, productive ways.

Marriage Research: Relationship Wants

NIM gave a survey, asking respondents "What do you want in your relationships?" This is what they found out.

Official News Release

Read the official announcement of NIM joining Focus on the Family.

If you or someone you know has a marriage in crisis, please visit

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