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Your Child's Personality

Your child no doubt possesses a combination of traits that surprise and intrigue you. Her strongest traits are often those you find yourself trying to tone down — especially if those traits are opposite from the ones you were born with. For example, if your child is superenergetic and you are more calm and quiet, you may say "Settle down, please!" a dozen times a day.

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Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts (DVD & CD-ROM)

Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts (DVD & CD-ROM)

Everybody needs the essentials! That's what you get in this powerful, entertaining DVD series from Focus on the Family. Essentials...
The Best Advice I Ever Got on Parenting: Incredible Insights From Well-Known Moms & Dads

The Best Advice I Ever Got on Parenting: Incredible Insights From Well-Known Moms & Dads

Every parent has moments with their kids that they wish they'd been better prepared to handle. If they'd only known. This cleverly...

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Make Every Day Count

It's the simple moments in life that count - small investments every day make a big impact. We at Focus on the Family want to help families thrive, and by making small investments of laughter, time, dinner, conversation and prayer, your family will grow closer.

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