Adult Children

A dad supports his adult child with an arm on the back, helping his adult child grow up a little more


Helping an Adult Child Grow Up

Michele Howe

One family made an intentional choice about how they would respond to their adult daughter’s wild and immature behavior.

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Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast


Coping With the Loss of Your Adult Child

Speaker Jan Harrison discusses the unexpected death of her adult son, the challenge it posed to her faith, and how she found comfort in God as she was sustained by His grace. Jan also offers hope and encouragement to listeners who are dealing with a similar loss.

parents with adult children


Bless Your Grown Children

Debra Evans

Step into a new area of relationship with your adult child

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A young man is handcuffed by police


Establishing Boundaries With Adult Kids

How can parents stop enabling and set boundaries for adult children?

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A mother and son embrace


Parenting Adult Children

What do you do when you see your grown child making decisions you don't agree with — or which you're certain will take them down a slippery slope?

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