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Behaviors and Strategies for 0-3 Year-Olds

Trying to come up with a potty plan for your little one? Or maybe you'd just like to make it through a meal without any high chair high jinks? Parents of toddlers, read on for expert advice from Dr. Kevin Leman.

by Shana Schutte

There are two things that every person on the planet does: eat and go potty. These can also be two challenging areas for parents. If you are the parent of a small child, you may wonder how you can get your child on the potty and make them stay in the high chair during meal times. Here are some ideas from Dr. Kevin Leman, author, speaker and child psychologist, from his book Have a New Kid by Friday.

Potty Plans

In America, we celebrate a lot of things: football victories, marriages, birthdays, and even potty training victories. Potty training? You got it. One afternoon as I watched television, a popular psychologist coached a couple to praise and cheer for their child, which resulted in the little guy becoming potty-trained in less than 24 hours.

Amazed? Envious? Wish you could have this kind of success with your child? No worries; keep the faith! If you're ready for your bundle of joy to ditch the diaper days and start using the potty, here are some ideas to help. Granted, you may not get results in 24 hours, but you will get results that will make both you and your little one happy.

Dr. Leman offers these simple suggestions for putting a "Potty Plan" in place:

High Chair High Jinks

I recently walked by a billboard that showed a baby in his high chair, his face smeared with something gooey, sticky and red. He looked like the proverbial cat that ate the mouse: completely delighted and satisfied.

For the parent who faces meal-time dilemmas with their "high-chair child," it can be anything but delightful and satisfactory. In fact, it may make you want to pull your hair out.

Here are some suggestions on dealing with "high chair high jinks" from Dr. Leman:

These suggestions for eating and potty training may seem simple, but take it from expert Dr. Leman, they work!