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This contemporary fiction book by Ann Aschauer is published by Pleasant Word and is written for people 17 and up. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

Plot Summary

Liz Danfield is at a crossroads in her college career. Almost ready to graduate with a degree in theater, she is unsure of the path she should be following. Full of insecurities, Liz has found the theatre world to be the perfect accomplice to help her hide from herself. With the help of an unlikely friend, she learns to stop hiding who she is and face reality. Her friend, a counselor, changes her life.

Christian Beliefs

The book offers readers the understanding that Christianity is about a relationship with God, not a religious belief. It gives a strong call to pray and ask Jesus into your heart. There is also a positive introduction to a campus Christian group and their weekly worship meeting (Intervarsity.) Liz's parents go to church but are uncomfortable with Liz living too strong of a Christian life. Other students talk about their parents' Christian beliefs.

Authority Roles

Liz's friends in the theatre are into the party scene. The university Liz attends is a secular university. They allude to the fact that their professors follow a secular humanistic worldview.

Other Belief Systems


Profanity/Graphic Violence



Liz kisses her boyfriend.



Discussion Topics

If your children have read this book or someone has read it to them, consider these discussion topics:

  • Why did Liz need to ask Jesus to be her Savior?
    Can Jesus really be a friend like J?
  • Is Christianity a relationship or a religion?
    What do you think it means to fall in love with Jesus?
  • Is there power in prayer? Support your position with examples.
  • Talk about the wisdom of being unequally yoked — what is it, and why is it important to consider when dating?
  • What are the false hopes that popularity and acclaim build in a person's ego?
    As a Christian, where should you get your self-worth?
    What can combat any sense of insecurity that living at a secular university, or just living on your own, brings?
  • Is dating a non-Christian a good way to introduce someone to the Lord?
    What would be a better choice?
  • How will life at a secular college be different than living at home?
    How hard do you suppose it will be to make the right choices as a Christian?
    What are some strategies you can use to help you when people come against your Christian beliefs?
    What can we do right now to prepare you for those challenges?

Book reviews cover the content, themes and worldviews of fiction books, not their literary merit, and equip parents to decide whether a book is appropriate for their children. A book's inclusion does not constitute an endorsement by Focus on the Family.

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