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What Are Your Kids Saying Online? Try Our De-Coder!

Chat Abbreviations and Definitions

A/S/L — age, sex, location

BRB — be right back

CYO — see you online

DIKU — do I know you?

F2F — face to face

GMBO — giggling my butt off

HTH — hope this helps

IC — I see

ILU — I love you

JMO — just my opinion

KOL — kiss on lips

L2M — listening to music

LOL — laughing out loud

LTNS — long time no see

LULAB — love you like a brother

LULAS — love you like a sister

MOTOS — member of the opposite sex

N/P — no problem

P911 — my parents are coming!

PA — parent alert

PAL — parents are listening

PANB — parents are nearby

POS — parent over shoulder

QT — cutie

SETE — smiling ear to ear

TAFN — that's all for now

TMI — too much information

WTGP — want to go private

WUF — where are you from?

For a more complete list, download Chat Abbreviations from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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