Criteria that apply to videos and DVDs are the same as those for movies, but this medium has a few unique pluses and minuses:

  • Video reviews are almost always available, unless the film has been released directly to video/DVD.
  • If an otherwise good film is marred by minor rough spots (remember the grandfather in Princess Bride exclaiming “Jesus!”), parents can use the fast forward button.
  • Kids love repetition, so most videos will be viewed several times before they go back to the store or into the drawer. Make sure you’re comfortable with all the content being committed to memory.
  • “Family-friendly” versions of some films are available on the general market. Parents can also check out the film-editing franchises CleanFlicks and MovieMask.
  • Avoid the Saturday night video rental trap of grabbing up something you normally wouldn’t watch because the good stuff is picked over.

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