Focus on the Family

Advertising and Kids

by Focus on the Family

Kids are bombarded with advertisements from every possible source: billboards, posters, clothes sporting characters or brand-name labels, TV commercials, websites and radio blurbs. Often, even though kids don’t have their own income yet, this advertising is aimed directly at them.

Many parents have no idea that their 3-year-old recognizes McDonald’s golden arches and Ronald McDonald. Moms and dads are also shocked when their 12-year-old insists on having Abercrombie Jeans and Old Navy shirts — the imitation simply will not do. Why? Because the marketing world has sold kids on the message: “Our product is for you. This is what you need. Nothing else will satisfy.”

How can parents better understand and guard against such outside influences? This series is a good place to start. It offers information you should know and tips to help you temper advertising's influence. For example: