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Readiness for Kindergarten: Your Child's Mind

It may surprise you to know that your child will learn to read, write, and compute as well as to cut, skip, and share.

by Focus on Your Child

How Can I Help My Child Grow Intellectually?

There are so many enjoyable ways you can support your kindergartner as he acquires these new skills! You are, after all, his most important teacher.

Here are some suggestions:

First and foremost, however, read to and with your child and have him read to you. Reading is the essential foundation upon which all other skills are built.

By the time children complete kindergarten, they should know the parts of a book and their functions. They should begin to distinguish various forms and purposes of print, from personal letters and signs to storybooks.

Children come to kindergarten with a variety of experiences, and the teacher accepts each child at his unique stage of development and helps him develop the essential building blocks of literacy so he will be successful in first grade.

How Can I Help My Child Become a Reader?

There are so many enjoyable activities you can do together to help "grow" his literacy skills:

Celebrate his progress!