Focus on the Family

Successful Special Education

Here are some suggestions for helping a child with special educational needs.

by Cheri Fuller

When evaluated at age two, Susan Gainer's son Joshua had an IQ of 50. His parents were told he would probably never walk, talk or have a normal life. "No hope," the doctor said. Joshua did not speak until he was six years old. But through the prayers, patience and dedication of his parents and Susan's work with the school, Joshua (now 18) reads at a 10th grade level; his vocabulary is post-college level; and he has never made below a C in a regular class. He is in regular ninth-grade classes except for math, has friends, and is responsible and organized.

The difficulties Susan faced with her child may be different from your struggles, but I wanted to share what she has learned from guiding her special son through 14 years of public education.

Susan's Suggestions for Helping a Child With Special Educational Needs