Focus on the Family


Understanding sexual development and integrity for children ages 0-3

by Rob Jackson

Foundation: Your child's lifelong sexuality needs to be nurtured intentionally. A proper foundation is critical – and, if it's true that children are "growing up quicker today," there's no time to waste. It's also strategic to teach our children the good stuff in this module before we have to get into conversations designed to prevent the bad stuff later.

Goal: To begin to teach your child what to think about his or her body and God's wonderful design, which nurtures it.

The Iceberg Zone: In this unit, both parent and child will focus on the preparation of the physical body. A healthy respect for the body in these early years, builds a solid foundation for the development of the mind and spirit. In this early stage, we simply want to help our children learn to cherish what God has given them. Obviously, the behaviors one chooses are linked to the body one learns to maintain.

What's normal

Developmental tasks for your child

How to foster sexual health and integrity in this stage

What to avoid

What to do if you're concerned for your child's development