Activity: Hold on to Your Trash!

  1. Have your family help organize a storage space at home - perhaps in a closet or in the garage - to save and sort recyclables (aluminum cans, glass bottles, paper and plastic products). Large plastic tubs work well if you have enough space.

  2. Share: "Because God has given us this wonderful world to enjoy, we need to do our part to take care of it. Recycling is one way we can do that."

  3. Tell your family what kinds of materials you will be collecting, and make labels for each bin. Explain why recycling is important. (It takes old materials and turns them into new products so we won't use up resources as quickly).

  4. Walk through your neighborhood or a local park, and pick up trash. If you find any recyclable items, show your child how to properly sort the different materials into the bins.
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