Activity: What I Hope For

Unscramble the following words that describe hope:

1. eamdr


2. ishw


3. iefbel


4. fathi


5. golas


6. lanp


Now, match the words with their definitions below.

1. If you want something, it is also called a ________________.

2. If you have an idea to do something, you should make a ________________.

3. The final reason for doing something is also called the ___________________.

4. Something that you believe in is called your personal __________________.

5. When you think about something you want in the future, it becomes your ___________________.

6. When you trust and believe in something very strongly, you have _________________.

Now, have each family member fill in these sentences and compare answers.

1. What I hope for my future is _________________________________________________.

2. What I hope for my family's future is _________________________________________________.

3. What I hope for the future of the world is _________________________________________________.

Copyright © 2004, Focus on the Family.

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