Blessing Your Child

Kids today thirst for parental acceptance — they long for their mother and father to reinforce their worth.

Meeting your child's need for affirmation doesn't have to be difficult. One way is to do what I call "the blessing." This blessing has five distinct elements to build up your sons and daughters and help them understand their worth in your family and before God. Those elements are appropriate and meaningful touch; words of love and acceptance; value placed on the child; acknowledgement of a special future; and genuine commitment.

Although there are five elements to this blessing, each child is unique and will interpret those five elements differently. Age is also an important factor in how a child receives a blessing. As your child grows, he or she may require a different type of affirmation. Part of showing children your approval and their value is figuring out how to affirm them in a way they can understand.

The Blessing Challenge

Would you like to change the lives of your children? If so, be a part of The Blessing Challenge — that's one million parents choosing to change the lives of children, one child at a time, by taking a simple, yet powerful first step: writing down and reading a blessing to their children.

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