Fun Faith Moments

mom singing with kids

As you raise your children in the way they should go, find the time to enjoy the journey. To assist you, we've included a few activities to help you nurture your child's faith in fun ways.

ABC Bible Verses

Help your child begin to memorize Scripture with these printable ABC Bible verse flashcards! (You can download a version in color or black-and-white.)

Gratitude Detectives

YOU ARE A GRATITUDE DETECTIVE. Here’s your mission: Take these tickets to church. BE on the lookout, and CATCH people in the act of doing GOOD—maybe your pastor, teacher, a friend or the person who brings doughnuts. Then fill in the tickets, and give them to people in your church to let them know they're appreciated.

Cristo Me Ama

Learn how to sing "Jesus Loves Me" in English and Spanish. Listen to the children singing, following along with these lyrics:

Cristo me ama

Cristo me ama, bien lo sé,

Su Palabra me hace ver.

Que los niños son de aquel,

Quien es nuestro amigo fiel.

Chorus: Si, Cristo me ama; Si, Cristo me ama;

Si, Cristo me ama; La Biblia dice así.

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