Family Faith Activities

Family praying before meal

Researchers affirm what Christian families have known intuitively for years: Families that eat together, pray together and play together are stronger. But today’s crazy schedules and priorities make it more difficult for families to do this. So Focus on the Family has made it easier for you to invest a bit of time each week to have devotions with your family.

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Meaningful mealtimes

Join the Adventures in Odyssey team to teach about the Christian life. Devotions are set up to help encourage family conversation about your faith at mealtimes. In this excerpt download, you’ll get seven free family devotions from the Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions book!

Here is how each one is set up: After the title, read the Mealtime Prayer suggestion, and ask your children to pray it together. Then read the Appetizer. The Appetizer is just that — something to whet your appetite for more. Follow it with the Main Course. This contains the “meat” of the section. Once you’ve given your family something to chew on, it’s time for Table Talk. These challenging questions will help your kids think about what they’ve learned and explain how to digest it for their daily lives. Finally, end with Vitamins and Minerals — a Bible verse that relates to the day’s reading and discussion.

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Planting seeds of biblical truth

In this free download, you’ll get 52 weeks of family devotions that you can start today! Each one contains faith-affirming biblical principles that will help you do what no one else in this world will ever do as well as you: build a lasting, thriving faith in God into your children’s hearts.

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More faith-building activities

Are you looking for more faith-filled activities that you can do with your kids? Each summer and each Christmas, Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine creates summer activities and Advent readings that families can do together.

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