Family Mealtime Devotionals

Family praying before meal

How to Use These Devotionals

Busy, busy, busy! Many families today are on the go so much that it's hard to get everyone around the dinner table long enough to share a meal, let alone hold a meaningful conversation. If this describes your family, make the most of the times when you are together. Use these brief readings to grab everyone's interest and get them interacting in lively, often hilarious, conversation!

Mealtime Moments, the book these family mealtime devotionals are excerpted from, deals with both unusual and everyday topics in a creative way, and is designed to provoke interesting, animated discussions. And with all the fun, your kids will be learning important things about the Christian life.

Want to know how to use this book? Here's how! After announcing the title, read the Mealtime Prayer suggestion and have one of your children pray it. Then read the Appetizer. The Appetizer is just that, something to whet your appetite for more.

Follow it with the Main Course. This contains the "meat" of the section. Once you've given your family something to chew on, it's time for Table Talk. These challenging questions will make your kids think about what they've just learned and explain how to apply it to their daily lives. Finally, end with Vitamins and Minerals, a Bible verse that relates to the day's reading and discussion.

Be sure to leaf through these devotionals in advance so you know what's coming up. Plus, a few of them require a minimal amount of preparation. Be sensitive to how your children respond. Allow enough time for them to answer the questions, but don't force conversation if they don't seem interested. That usually won't be a problem, however. These readings will stir up animated conversations and have your children looking forward to the next meal.

While the Mealtime Moments book has more than 150 devotionals, we are providing 52 of them online so you can try one every week of the year. We have grouped these 52 into 7 categories: Wisdom from the Bible, Faith and Trust, Family, Salvation and Witnessing, Love, Following Jesus, Building Character. Also, we're providing PDF versions of these devotionals so you can easily print a copy to use at the dinner table. Simply click on a devotional title to view and print the PDF.

Have fun!

From Mealtime Moments, a Focus on the Family book published by Tyndale House Publishers. Copyright © 2000, Focus on the Family. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.

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