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Adventures in Odyssey: Mayor for a Day

Character Crew: Citizenship

Listen to this Adventures in Odyssey episode with your family.

Quick Sum:

Underachiever Curt Stevens wins a contest and becomes the mayor of Odyssey for 24 hours. But government is no laughing matter, especially when Curt signs an order calling for Whit's End to be torn down! From this nightmare administration, we see that being involved in public affairs means more than careless or selfish choices.

Fast Ask:

  1. Why did Curt make such a terrible mayor?
  2. Public leaders say many things about their "beliefs" on this or that issue. How can you tell if they're really a good leader?
  3. Read Matthew 22:17-21. Is Jesus saying to give more than taxes to the government? If so, what else can you think of to give?


Based on the Adventures in Odyssey episode, "Mayor for a Day."


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