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Adventures in Odyssey: Our Daily Bread

Character Crew: Hope

Listen to this Adventures in Odyssey episode with your family.

Quick Sum:

The Barclay family is thrown into turmoil when George gets laid off from his job. How will they make ends meet? Will Jimmy and Donna have to beg for money at the park? Will George have to hunt squirrels for dinner? In the midst of despair, the family discovers the truth of putting its hope in God through good times and bad.

Fast Ask:

  1. When George announced that he lost his job, how did the family react? Do you think they reacted the right way?
  2. How did George feel when he went to the unemployment office? What did Harvey say that changed George's attitude?
  3. Read 1 Timothy 6:17. If the Barclay family had followed this verse, how would they have acted differently at the beginning of the story?


Based on the Adventures in Odyssey episode, "Our Daily Bread."


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