Focus on the Family

Adventures in Odyssey: Relatively Annoying

Character Crew: Respect

Listen to this Adventures in Odyssey episode with your family.

Quick Sum:

Alex T. Jefferson has a good life; he only wishes it didn't have to end this way. He doesn't think he's strong enough to survive a week at Grnadpa's house! It's bad enough that his grandparents serve disgusting food and talk about death all the time. But then Grandpa takes away Alex's video game — his only source of entertainment!

Fast Ask:

  1. Why didn't Alex respect his grandparents at the beginning of the show? How should he have acted differently?
  2. At the end, Alex said he understood his grandparents a little better. What allowed him to understand them more? How can knowing people better help us develop a deeper friendship with them?
  3. Read Leviticus 19:32. If Alex had read and obeyed this verse, how would he have acted differently?


Based on the Adventures in Odyssey episode, "Relatively Annoying."