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Pregnancy Center Programs

We’re here to come alongside you in serving women, men and their families. Preview, download or share any of these free resources below.

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Dignity of Human Life Resource Guide

Speak to the value of life

Get equipped to be a voice for all life with our Dignity of Human Life Guide! This comprehensive guide provides a broad yet specific content overview of sanctity of life themes and topics. Filled with sermon outlines, scriptures, stats, stories and illustrations, this is a helpful and insightful resource. This guide is a perfect gift for your pastor or any of your PRC board members!

This (300+ page) Resource Guide will equip you to be a compassionate and compelling voice for all life, covering topics of pre-born children & abortion, adoption & orphan care, human trafficking, death from preventable diseases, prison ministry, refugees, those living with special needs, racism and end of life issues.