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Houston's Religious Freedom Problem

Political retribution? Churches caught in the cross-fire. First Amendment rights violated.

The social media sphere was on fire this week regarding the over-the-top actions by Houston’s first lesbian-identified mayor, Annise Parker, when she subpoenaed local pastors for their sermons and communications.

Why the heavy-handedness? Learn more now.

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Students: 'Bring Your Bible to School' on Oct. 16!

Did you know students are being told to stop reading their Bibles during their free time at school—even though students have that right? Here at Focus on the Family, we believe the Bible has a powerful message of hope and love for humanity—something that should be celebrated, not discouraged. Encourage the next generation to boldly exercise their religious freedom on Oct. 16, 2014. Learn more now about "Bring Your Bible to School Day"!

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