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Have you ever wondered why Focus on the Family encourages its friends to be involved in the culture around them as part of their faith? How being involved in biblical citizenship is part of living our lives as “salt and light” to the world around us?

Or have you wondered if it’s even appropriate or legal for Christian beliefs to help shape our government and policies?

Rest assured, Christians throughout the ages – since the 1st century, in fact – have been expressing their faith in many ways, one of which has been by making a difference in the culture in which God placed them. Our country offers us many benefits and blessings – and two of those are our Christian heritage and the invitation and duty for “We the People” to be actively involved in our system of government.

If you want to know more about the witness countless Christians have left through the ages by engaging their cultures, and how we can follow in those footsteps to make a difference ourselves, dig in to find out “why we can’t stay silent.”

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