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Day of Dialogue

by Focus on the Family Issue Analysts

What do I do when my child's school sponsors an event that promotes homosexuality?

What would you do if your child's school featured an event like the Day of Silence, which is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)?  The annual event encourages students to protest the "silence" faced by "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies" [LBGT] by not speaking throughout a specific school day – and it is celebrated in thousands of schools across the country.  If your child's school is one of those, what can you do?

What you should know

Events like the Day of Silence are often marketed as just being about bullying prevention, but if you look beneath the surface, much more radical agendas are being promoted, such as "queer-friendly prom," and getting LBGT-themed materials into your child's classroom.

But the good news is that when spiritual darkness increases, the light of the Gospel and God's love shines even brighter – and Focus on the Family sponsors a day for students nationwide, the Day of Dialogue™, which provides students a chance to respond to the controversial and confusing sexual messages that are often being promoted in their public schools.

What You Can Do

Encourage your child to organize a Day of Dialogue observance at his or her high school or college.

by Focus on the Family Issue Analysts

Legally, your child has every right to share about his or her faith and biblical values at school in a way that does not disrupt classroom instruction or the academic environment. If the school allows the Day of Silence to be observed, it must also allow other student-led events like the Day of Dialogue. Encourage your child to organize a Day of Dialogue observance at his or her high school or college.   

The Day of Dialogue website provides information, easy action steps and free downloadable materials (conversation cards, posters and t-shirt designs) designed to enable students to confidently exercise their free speech rights and engage in open and genuine discussion about God's loving plan for human relationships.

One Student's Day

Students across the nation participate in Day of Dialogue events at their schools.

by Focus on the Family Issue Analysts

Choosing to Share

Students across the nation participate in Day of Dialogue events at their schools.  One such student is Hannah.  Here’s her story:

I am 16 years old and am doing my best to live every day of my life for our beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ. I gathered as many people as I could to support the kingdom of God and truly make a difference. Through this process, I found that a lot of people didn't even know the true facts or what the Bible says. It was a huge challenge for me to trust God completely to give me the words to speak.

I was very surprised by the outcome however ...My fellow students and I met at our Bible study to talk about the Day of Dialogu and what the true purpose of the event was. Because of this event ... I know that there have been lives changed. Just hearing of stories and conversations some of my peers had truly makes me want to jump up and praise our God. I saw with my very own eyes that God uses everyday people, the least of these, to make enormous differences!

Thank you so much for making this event possible, and inspiring so many people.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Day of Dialogue and access additional resources.

by Focus on the Family Issue Analysts

At a time when the prevalence of sexual advocacy messages in school classrooms is at an unprecedented – and ever-increasing – level, True Tolerance™ is an on-line resource providing tools for parents and concerned citizens to speak up for their parental rights and their students.

See "Frequently Asked Questions" about the Day of Dialogue and Day of Silence.