What You Can Do

Legally, your child has every right to share about his or her faith and biblical values at school in a way that does not disrupt classroom instruction or the academic environment. If the school allows the Day of Silence to be observed, it must also allow other student-led events like the Day of Dialogue. Encourage your child to organize a Day of Dialogue observance at his or her high school or college.   

The Day of Dialogue website provides information, easy action steps and free downloadable materials (conversation cards, posters and t-shirt designs) designed to enable students to confidently exercise their free speech rights and engage in open and genuine discussion about God's loving plan for human relationships.

  • Join the Day of Dialogue’s Facebook page to discuss this concern with other parents and students, as well as share how to more effectively be a voice for God’s love and plan for human sexuality.
  • Spread the word about the Day of Dialogue with your sphere of influence.  You may be surprised how many other parents – and grandparents, teachers, neighbors, churches and youth groups – share your concerns. 
  • Your student can register for the next event (held in April each year) by visiting the registration center at DayofDialogue.com.
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