Focus on the Family

What You Can Do

Discover what you can do to defend your values at your child’s school and how you can express your viewpoint and be heard.

by Candi Cushman

Be aware. As parents and taxpayers, you have the right — and responsibility— to know what your child is being taught in public school classrooms.

Be proactive. Don't wait until inappropriate material gets into classrooms, or your child's hands, to do something about it. Once bad policies and curricula get in, it's hard to get them out.

Promote the right solution. Recognize that bullying and peer abuse is wrong and should be stopped. But this can and should be done without politicizing classrooms and introducing controversial, sexual topics to children against their parents' wishes.

Counteract deception with facts. Use facts to expose deceptive teaching that may be inappropriate for children or violate parental rights and religious freedoms.

How to respond to the school

For more tips on approaching school officials with your concerns, see "Do's and Don'ts for Approaching School Officials."